Welcome to the cutting board

We’ll be chopping up the ingredients & prepping the material here for the main course.

Transient Return

This will be my first real work in over 10 years. So much has happened in that time so it’ll be cute to see where this goes…

Sketch material on some copy paper. Ultimate deployment will be spread across a tri-canvas situation, for that staggered & jaggered effect for when it finds it’s place on the wall at Santuary.

Anticipated media includes the standard repertoire of Paint Markers, Spray Paint, some Airbrush work for effects & fine details. And perhaps a few dollops of acrylic off the brush if need be.


Sketch applied on 3 – 20″ x 16″ vertical canvases


General rough draft.
Def need to add a little something to the bottom BG gradient.

The Bitoreum project

Well, I don’t even know what to say about this. Long story short, I found my way back into the crypto scene after a 10 year hiatus. Apparently it’s like real money now.

I’m really diggin’ the BTRM project and I want to see it succeed, so I’m contributing my time and effort into it where my skills are most valuable. Since I’m not a coder, I’m all about spreading the word and doing what I can from the periphery.

Angel of the Forest

24″ x 18″ (or some shit to that effect)

I can’t even tell you when I started this, probably back in the Staten Island days, so 2009/2010’ish. It’s been sleeping in a garbage bag for over a decade, it’s a pleasure to have her out in the light again.

Black gessoed stretched canvas, with the flat white airbrush foundation start. GF tells me to keep it in B&W, and just finish it up, which I’m kind of feeling – has that dramatic ambiance to it. I think my original plan was for full color.

More than likely I’ll make 2 and roll with the divergent evolution routes accordingly.

The Evrmore project

Kickin’ around a few logo sketches for the EVR crypto project.

I picked my fav’s and ran with them. Unfortunately they probably won’t make center stage.