the Lab

PeaceKiller Creative Lab
@ Sanctuary

A digital palace of finished art, works in development, creative sketches, ideas, possibilities, and various creative innovations that will evolve along the river of time that we float in.

Come to see what will be discovered as we turn over a new stone each and every day. The journey will be long, the path unknown, but we shall continue on, never being discouraged.

According to the movie Logan’s Run, “Sanctuary is code word, used for a place of unity”.
Therefore at Sanctuary is where I reside.

Everything is everything
We are all one
We’re just separated by space

A peek

Outside the incubator

A nice little bit of the visible light spectrum up in the atmosphere 🙂

Brief flash flood situation – just a taste of future weather events and patterns

A peek

inside the incubator

Got them RTX 3090’s hashin’ hard.

No creative den is complete without them tuny tunes.
Crank it up!

RX580’s never slackin’ on the job. Holding their own until a fuse gets blown.

Totem of the NYC streets.
Yielding that kinetic energy from these magnificent monstrosities.
You can take the kid out the streets, but the streets ain’t never leaving the heart & soul.

Having some flora in the vicinity never hurts.